FilGoal | News | Sherif Ikrami: The most rumor that bothered me was related to my daughter’s illness


Sherif Ikrami with Pyramids in front of Ceramica Cleopatra

Pyramids goalkeeper Sherif Ikrami has revealed the most distressing rumor in his football career.

Ikrami said on Nujoom FM Radio: “Because I am a football player and represented the Egyptian national team, it is natural for rumors to arise, because it is the first popular game, and people are passionate about news of football players and stars.”

He added, “There were many rumors about me, but more rumors I was not able to deal with in a normal way. It had nothing to do with football, but the daughters of Asia and her illness.”

He continued: “Unfortunately, I heard many words that bothered me and angered my family, such as their suffering from cancer or a brain tumor, but all of this was unfounded.”

He continued, “In fact, it was a very simple complaint, but doctors in Egypt misdiagnosed and put us in a big story.”

He concluded: “This is the strongest rumor that I consider (Jet in the bar).”

Ikrami, 37, has been playing for Pyramids since the beginning of this season, and has participated with him in 24 matches in various competitions.


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