FilGoal | News | Spalletti responds to Salah via in the Joule: I have switched the defenders’ size from L to S


Luciano Spalletti, the veteran Italian coach, responded to Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool star, for his influence on his career, when the Egyptian star was a player under his leadership in Rome.

During his last interview with the Spanish newspaper “Marca”, Salah attributed the development of his goalscoring abilities to Spalletti’s keenness to work with him alone, during his time in Rome. (Read his statements)

Spalletti told “I saw coaches telling their defenders of Salah: Beware that he passes there, but he did.”

“They tightly controlled him because he was fast and he was very fast,” he said.

And he continued, “They tell the defenders: Don’t let him spin you because he will shoot, but he was paying.”

Then he added, “Salah made the great defenders who can be half of their size in Large look like they are Small”.

“I tell you something, he made the stadium itself look smaller because of its speed.”

Spalletti had described Salah in 2017 as the best player in his career, during the period of the Egyptian star’s brilliance for two seasons with him in Rome.

Spalletti continued his praise, “Does Salah say that I developed him? No, no, he who developed me because he has a natural talent.”

He explained, “Salah wanted to develop his abilities because he is a great professional.”

“I expected everything that happened to him because he is a wonderful person. I always saw him as the player who spread panic in the opponent’s defense,” he said.

Salah scored 28 goals and made 21 for Roma in 62 games under Spalletti’s leadership, before they were separated by the Egyptian star’s transfer to Liverpool and the coach’s departure to lead Inter Milan.


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