FilGoal | News | Sword Weapon – Egypt national team wins the gold in the World Youth Championship


The Egyptian national team players of the weapon of the sword celebrate winning the gold medal of the Youth and Junior Championships – photo from the official website of the International Federation

The Egypt National Team of the Sword Weapon has won the gold medal in the World Championship, which is held on its home soil in the youth and junior competitions.

The coronation came after the Egyptian national team beat its Russian opponent in the final, with a score of 45-38.

The Egyptian national team had achieved a great achievement by defeating America, the number one in the world in that category, in the semi-finals.

And the Egyptian team succeeded in defeating its American counterpart with a score of 45-31.

The Egyptian team included Mazen Al-Arabi, Adham Moataz, Iyad Maarouf and Ziad Nofal.

And that coronation became the first for the Egyptian national team in the team category in particular and in the World Youth Championship in general.

The World Championships will be held in Egypt from 3 to 11 April in the halls complex in Cairo Stadium.

The championship is also held in three weapons competitions, and includes men’s and women’s teams as well.


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