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Became famous Edgar Davids Former Netherlands midfielder, Ajax, Milan and Juventus, with his famous glasses, which made him one of the icons of world football.

King Shawkat The National Bank player follows in the footsteps of the Dutchman to become “David’s Women’s Football”.

Malak wears eyeglasses due to her poor eyesight, but the coach relies on them for basic formation and also for executing fixed kicks.

She tells the king of Her journey: “I started playing football at the age of 4 years with my brother Muhammad, until I asked my family to play football in a club, so I joined Al-Jazira club at the age of 7 years.”

She added, “After a period I went up to a stage of 10 years, a stage three years older than me, and the team had most of its formation from children and they praised me and my skills.”

And she continued, “I participated with Hawk Club with Youssef Fawaz at the age of 12 and left after two seasons. Then I moved away from football because of my studies and decided to return again with coach Mohamed Mohsen after he contacted me.

And she continued, “I participated with the Oseem team in the league, then the Bashtel team.”

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She talked about her career with the National Bank: “This season we achieved fifth place in the league and scored 3 goals, including two penalty kicks and one goal from a fixed kick, which is the most beautiful in my career, so I shot it with the soles of the foot in the goal and the match commentator mentioned that it is the place where the devil lives.”

She explained, “I wear medical glasses because of sight, since the age of two years, and no one of the coaches objected, perhaps because they did not know that I would continue, but my continuation did not hinder anyone, but before each match the referees see the glasses to make sure that they are of the type of plastic so that they do not injure me or colleagues.”

And she continued, “One of the coaches compared me to Edgar Davids and also a referee who told me about Davids that he continued with football while wearing glasses. I tried to wear contact lenses but did not help me so I decided to wear plastic glasses.”

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And she added, “I participate in the defending center and the best of Amr Al-Soulia. My father’s family encourages Al-Ahly and my family and my mother encourages Zamalek, and I support Al-Ahly and so do my brothers.”

She spoke about her dream, saying: “My dream is to be a player in Europe. Salah is a global star now and has become one of the reasons for my passion for football and I seek to follow in the footsteps of Alex Morgan.”

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Mohamed Mohsen, technical director of the National Bank of Women’s football team, praised Malik, saying: “She is one of the best in the team and participated in the defensive midfield and is good at executing fixed kicks.”

He finished, “Wearing glasses did not hinder her from shining, as she plays her role in a distinctive way, and contributed to occupying the fifth place with the team. We joined young people at the age of 16 years, and their matches were televised and contributed to the enrichment of their experiences to facilitate their international participation.”


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