FilGoal | News | Tariq Yahya: We presented a memorandum of what happened in the Republic League to run Zamalek … and the decision is within 48 hours


Zamalek players celebrate after the Al-Ahly match in the Republic League, born in 1999

Tariq Yahya, head of sectors at Zamalek Club, revealed that he had submitted a memorandum of the events of the closing day of the Republic League for those born in 1999, pending a decision from the club’s managing committee within 48 hours.

Yahya said on Zamalek TV: “There are no direct confrontations in this tournament because Zamalek faced Al-Ahly once.

And he added, “I submitted a note to the managing committee of Zamalek, explaining the list and our point of view, and the managing committee is the one who will address the Football Association.”

He stressed, “Our memo which we submitted to the administration explaining all the circumstances and circumstances, and in it I made clear that our right is to win the Republic League, who were born in 1999.”

“The decision will be issued by the club’s management within 48 hours. What happened was an injustice,” he said.

The Egyptian Football Association announced the establishment of a play-off match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek to determine the champion of the republic, who was born in 1999.

The Federation stated that the Competitions Committee had set 9:30 in the evening of Tuesday, April 20, the current date for the play-off match at Al-Sikkah Stadium.

The statement stated that “the Football Association decided to complete the Republic competitions for those born in 1999 and 2002 in its second phase of one round, with the decision to resume the junior championships on the first of this April, in line with the decision of the Crisis Committee of the Council of Ministers, with a playoff match in the event that two teams are equal in number of points.

This comes after Al-Ahly defeated Zamalek with two goals to one at the end of the tournament and the two teams were equal in points, which caused a confusion about the identity of the team crowned with the title.

what happened

Al-Ahly beat Zamalek 2-1 at the end of the Republic Championship, born in 99, so that the two teams were equal in points with Zamalek superior in goal difference, and Al-Ahly excelled in direct confrontations.

In a strange scene, the two teams celebrated winning the title, as the technical staff of Al-Ahly requested it, as it was learned Players should celebrate the title based on the team being equal with Zamalek in terms of points, and their superiority in direct confrontations.

While Zamalek players celebrated the title, on the premise that the team is better on goal difference than Al-Ahmar.

وصرّح Tariq Yahya, head of sectors in Zamalek For “We are surprised at Al-Ahly’s celebration on the stadium, to promote a fake story that they won us and won the championship.”

He stressed, “What Al-Ahly says about the priority of direct confrontations is not true, because the championship is of one role, so how can this rule be applied.”

He concluded, “The Football Association must show courage and credibility, and not to manipulate anything and waste Zamalek’s legitimate rights so that no new congestion occurs.”

In Said Khaled Bebo, Head of the Youth Sector In Al-Ahly for “There is no list that determines the identity of the league champion, so we think that it is decided by direct matches in case the number of points is equal.”

He continued, “The list that was promoted is for preliminary roles and qualification from groups, and has nothing to do with the final roles. At the same time, there is no list that states how the champion will be resolved in the event of equal points.”

He concluded: “We will wait for the ruling of the Football Association and its decision in the matter, and we will respect the decision, whether it is on our side or against us.”


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