FilGoal | News | The doctor who performed the surgery, Hamdi Fathy: We resorted to an unconventional solution


Sherif Muharram, the doctor who performed the surgery for Al-Ahly midfielder Hamdi Fathy, revealed that he resorted to an unconventional solution in the surgery he performed on the player’s arm.

Muharram said on Radio On Sport: “A week has passed since the surgery, and Hamdi Fathy moves his arm well, and his absence extends for the same expected period, from 8 to 10 weeks.”

“Hamdi is a committed player, he is young and his health condition is strong, and we hope that he will help heal the fracture,” he said.

And he added, “He is allowed from today to work in the gym and uses his feet to run, shoot and pass the ball, but without any contact.”

He revealed, “Traditionally, the fracture in Hamdi Fathi’s arm holds a chip, but we fear later that he will break his arm again, so we resorted to an unconventional solution, which is to install a spinal nail that supports the fracture, to be more reassured.”

And he completed “the traditional case of absence from 3 to 5 months, but we took into account that he is a professional player and of course, different from the average citizen.”

Hamdi Fathy recently underwent an elbow surgery to treat a fracture of the radial bone that he suffered during his participation with the Egyptian national team against Kenya.


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