FilGoal | News | The dream of the supplement is approaching? Marmouche scores and leads St. Pauli to sweep the Farsburgers


Omar Marmouche led his team, St. Pauli, to a landslide victory in the German second league, outperforming the Varsburg Kickers in Round 29 with a 4-0 victory.

Marmouche scored the first goal in the fourth minute, raising his tally to 7 goals in the German second division, since he joined last January on loan to Wolfsburg.

Marmouche became the third goal scorer for the team after Daniel Covey and Guido Bergstaller, both of whom scored 9 goals.

The victory is the fourth in a row for the German team, which brought it to sixth place in the table with 44 points, 6 points behind Hamburg, who is third in the same round, and has a match against Sandhausen in the same round, 5 rounds before the end of the season.

It qualifies for the first and second German championships, and the third-place finish is running for the 16th place in the German league standings.

Marmouche took the lead in the first match in the fourth minute with a shot from outside the penalty area, which hit the feet of the defense and went into the net.

In the 18th minute, Rico Pinatelli scored the team’s second goal, and after 4 minutes Kosovan Barrett Bacarada added the third goal.

In the second half, Daniel Covey added the fourth goal of the match and his ninth this season in the 50th minute.

In the 56th minute, Marmouche came out and replaced him with Lucas Dasenshire in a triple change made by the coach.


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