FilGoal | News | The owner of Manchester United sends an open letter and apologizes to the fans of his club


Manchester United owner Joel Glazer apologized to his club fans for the club’s decision to participate in the European Super League before withdrawing.

Joel Glazer wrote an open letter on United’s official website that read:

Over the past few days we have seen the great passion for football and the loyalty that the fans have for this great club.

You made your opinion about the European Super League clear and we listened to you. We have acted wrong and we want to make it clear that we can put everything back on track.

Of course the wound is still painful and will not be satisfied until after a while, but personally I am responsible for rebuilding trust with our fans and learning from your strong message to us.

We still believe that the entire pyramid of European football needs to be sustainable in the long run, and we accept that the idea of ​​the European Super League was not the way to do it.

While we were trying to create a more stable foundation for the game, we failed to show our respect for the deep traditions of the ups and downs of the spherical hierarchy, and we are sorry for that.

This is the biggest club in the world and we unreservedly apologize for the confusion we caused over the past few days.

It is important that we work to correct things, as Manchester United has a great history and we understand the extent of the responsibility entrusted to us to work in accordance with the values ​​and traditions of the club.

The Coronavirus pandemic has posed unique challenges and we are proud of the way Manchester United and its fans around the world have reacted to the huge pressures during that time.

We also realize the need for greater and better communication between us and you – meaning the fans – because you will always be the essence of this club.

I assure you that behind the scenes we will take all necessary steps to rebuild relations with the rest of the stakeholders in the game to find solutions to the challenges facing the spherical pyramid in the long run.

At the moment our priority is to support the teams that represent the club as they strive for the best end of the season.

In conclusion, I would like to acknowledge that your support is what makes this club great and we thank you for that.

Best wishes, Joel Glazer.


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