FilGoal | News | The return of the Dervishes from the gate of the Canal .. The Ismaili settles the derby and achieves its second victory of the season


Ismaily returned to victories again after a long absence, and resolving the Canal derby was the gateway to the return in the mission of deciding to stay in the league.

Al-Ismaily defeated Al-Masry with two goals to one at Burj Al Arab Stadium, in the 18th round of the Egyptian League.

Ismaily achieved his second wins this season, and the first victory over Al-Masry since the 2017/2018 season in the Canal Derby.

Farid Shawky scored by mistake, and Shukri Naguib scored Al-Ismaily’s goal in the match, while Mohamed Abdel-Latif “Grindo” scored Al-Masry’s only goal.

The victory raised the balance of Ismaili to the 14th point in the 17th place, while the Egyptian balance stuck at 26 points in the fourth place.


Ali Maher started the meeting with Ahmed Jumaa as a key player in the attack to compensate for the absence of Austin Amoto, and with Hassan Ali as a left back at the expense of Ahmed Shedid Kenawy.

On the other hand, Ihab Jalal started with Fakhr El Din Bin Youssef as the main striker, and Mohamed Hassan next to Mohamed Adel in the middle of the stadium.

Description of the match

Ismaily started the match more dangerous. They scored the first in the fourth minute after a mistake by Ahmed Masoud in dispersing the ball, to be cut short by Shukri Naguib and scored in the empty goal.

Mohamed Maarouf returned to the video technology, and canceled the goal by invoking a handball at Shukri Naguib.

Al-Masry began entering into the meeting here. Ahmed Refaat headed on the left side and sent a cross in the eighth minute. Muhammad Fawzi confronted her in a wrong way, to be followed by Mustafa Sultan in the crossbar.

Ismaily finally scored in the 18th minute. A ball cut by Ahmed Madbouly from Mustafa Sultan, then sent a cross, which Farid Shawky scored by mistake, scoring the first.

Useless pressure

Al-Masry here pressed to tie, but the pressure was without real danger.

Al-Masry players demanded a penalty kick in the 38th minute for Omar Kamal Abdel Wahid at the expense of Hussein Al-Sayed, but the referee did not count anything even with the return to video technology.

Al-Masry scored the equalizer already in the 45th minute, but the video canceled the goal. Ahmed Rifaat set off on the left side and then sent a cross. Muhammad Fawzi made a mistake in catching it, and Ahmed Jumaa followed it into the goal.

The referee calculated the goal, but after returning to video technology, he decided to cancel the goal by firing a handball on Jumaa, to end the first half with Ismaily advancing.

Second half

Ali Maher started the second half with Ahmed Shedid Kenawy and Kazadi Kasengo, instead of Hassan Ali and Mustafa Sultan.

On the other hand, Ihab Jalal started the round by entering Imad Hamdi, instead of Ari Babel.

The first threat was in the first minute of the second half. Shot from Easy Emeka, the defense turned into a corner.

The corner was played to reach Ahmed Rifaat, who paid, and the defense was happy in front of him to turn it into a corner.

Hussein Al-Sayed sustained a injury in the 49th minute, to leave the stadium and play Mustafa Faris instead.

Ismaily scored the second in the 60th minute. A distraction from the defense and reached Shukri Naguib, who found himself completely alone in the goal, to score and score the second against Masoud’s goal.

Immediately, Ali Maher intervened and joined Muhammad Abd al-Latif “Grindo” and Muhammad Antar instead of Omar Kamal Abdel Wahid and Ahmed Jumaa.

Al-Ismaily almost scored the third directly in the 63rd minute, with a shot by Shukri Naguib on the crossbar.

Al-Masry’s last substitution came in the 66th minute, with Karim Al-Iraqi entering instead of Easy Emeka.

On the other hand, the last changes to Ismaily were in the 82nd minute, with Nader Ramadan entering instead of Mohamed Adel, Omar Al-Wahsh instead of Muhammad Hassan, and Abdel-Rahman Magdy instead of Ahmed Madbouly.

Minutes on fire

Substitute Grindo reduced the lead in the 89th minute. Rifaat, as usual, broke through on the left flank, then sent a cross over Mohamed Fawzi, and Grindo met her with a touch in the net.

Mohamed Maarouf, the referee, was awarded 6 minutes in calculated time instead of lost.

Al-Masry almost equalized in the 92nd minute after a new cross from Rifaat, which Karim Al-Iraqi met with a header just next to the post.

Al-Masry players continued to press, but the Ismaili defense held out, and the match ended with the Ismaili victory, with two goals to one.

Ismaily’s victory is the second of this season since the victory over Aswan in the fifth round of the competition.

The victory raised the balance of Ismaili to the 14th point in the 17th place, while the Egyptian balance stuck at 26 points in the fourth place.


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