FilGoal | News | The Roma player after the ball collector: if I were in his place, then wasting time would provoke me as well


Ricardo Calafiori, the Roma player, pleaded with the Dutch collector who injured him during the Ajax Amsterdam match.

Roma were ahead of Ajax in the final seconds of the Europa League quarter-final first leg, when the ball collector threw the ball strongly towards Calafiori due to the latter’s waste of time.

Calafiori commented after the match on the snapshot that swept social media sites: “A lot of things came to my mind at that moment …”.

“Fortunately, I managed to control my temper,” he added via Sky Italia.

The young left-back continued: “I will say that seeing the opponent waste time is something that would have provoked me as well.”

He concluded, “I do not say that I respect him, but I understand his behavior.”

Calafiori received a yellow card in the same shot due to the slowdown in the implementation of the throw-in, before the match ended on the victory of the Wolves of the Italian capital at the Johan Cruyff Arena.

Calafiori (18 years old) He entered a substitute in the 29th minute of the match, replacing the injured Leonardo Spinzola.

Calafiori has played 6 games in various competitions this season, during which he scored one goal.


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