FilGoal | News | The top director of the Joule: 15 cameras to transfer the match … and technologies that appear for the first time


Osama El Hawari, director of the Egyptian television summit for Zamalek and Al-Ahly, revealed the number of cameras used to transmit the meeting, and some cameras that will appear for the first time.

Al-Hawari said in statements “Wait for a special match, a very distinguished directing, and the most important thing is that the meeting will come out well between the two poles in light of the Ramadan atmosphere that the Egyptian people are currently experiencing.”

He added, “The work team for the summit will start to be in the stadium from three in the afternoon, and we will broadcast the match with 15 cameras.”

The match director completed “The 15 cameras that will transmit the match will be distributed with my own knowledge, including the Slow Motion camera, the wireless camera and the Crane camera, and from the incoming and for the first time I use a Sky camera.”

Al-Hawari completed, “The work team will do its utmost to make the Egyptian people happy, and the most important thing is that the meeting comes out in a way that befits us as Egyptians, especially since the paths of Zamalek and Al-Ahly are followed up in the entire Arab world.”

Zamalek will play with Al-Ahly tomorrow evening, Sunday, in a postponed match from the fourth round of the Egyptian League.


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