FilGoal | News | Tuchel: Werner? If a woman refuses to go out with you … then back off, perhaps she will accept you in the end


Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel gave unusual advice to his fellow countryman and player Timo Werner to solve his scoring problem.

Werner has fallen under heavy criticism for his waste An easy chance to face the net during the Germany-North Macedonia World Cup qualifiers match.

Tuchel advised Werner not to exaggerate the search for the goal and to reduce his touch in front of the goal, but in a slightly different way.

Tuchel said, “If a woman refuses to go out with you, you will not be able to force her, back off and maybe she will accept your invitation.”

“For me, Gundogan’s pass was bad!”

And he added, “No, I’m kidding of course, Werner has squandered the opportunity and everyone is motivated to talk about it and this is a bit annoying.”

He continued, “It is easy to point the finger at Timo, and this is what I do not understand. I am happy that he is back.”

He added: “Currently he lacks confidence and things are not going easy with him. He is no longer able to score but he helps us a lot.”

“He is still scoring for us, scoring goals and winning penalties. If he was living the most critical moment in his career, I can say that he is dazzling.”

The opportunity Werner missed against North Macedonia in the final minutes was during the 1-1 draw, before Goran Pandev’s comrades snatched a fatal historic victory.

North Macedonian media received the matter sarcastically Werner was awarded honorary citizenship لبلادها.


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