FilGoal | News | Tunisian report: Zamalek players are reassured of the incompatibility that Esperance will not tolerate Mouloudia


A Tunisian report said that a number of Zamalek players contacted Hamdi Al-Naqaz, former Zamalek back, and current Esperance, to talk about the Bab Souika team’s confrontation against Mouloudia Algeria, at the conclusion of the group stage in the African Champions League.

The Tunis digital newspaper revealed that Naqaz told his former teammates that he “will fight with his colleagues in the Mouloudia Algeria match to win despite the guarantee of promotion and the need for a draw only to ensure the top of the group.”

“But all the players pledged to fight, win and qualify,” Al-Naqaz stressed, according to the report.

The report quoted Al-Naqaz as saying that “Esperance will seek to reconcile the masses after the sudden loss to Tounjeth. A session was held with the players by the technical staff to emphasize the importance of the Mouloudia match and the need to play for victory only.”

Zamalek needs Esperance to beat MCA in the final round of the group stage of the African Champions League, with its victory over Senegalese Tongeth, to qualify for the quarter-finals.


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