FilGoal | News | Turkish report: Galatasaray is close to hiring the Gabon striker


Galatasaray is seeking to sign Turkey’s Hatay Sport striker Aaron Bombendza next summer.

Galatasaray Gazetesi stated that Galatasaray is interested in the mandate of Bombendza.

The report indicated that Galatasaray prepared an offer of 5 million euros, plus a percentage in future resale, to persuade Hatay Sport to abandon Bombendza.

The report added that Hatay Sport, for his part, wants to include Galatasaray player Omar Bayram as part of the deal.

This interest comes despite the brilliance of the duo, Mustafa Mohamed and Radamel Falcao, in the Galatasaray attack in recent months.

The 24-year-old Bombendza is experiencing an amazing season with Hatay Sport, having scored 18 goals in 29 matches.

Bombendza is the top scorer in the Turkish league this season after joining Hatay Sport from Bordeaux last summer with a free deal.

Bombendza has 17 international matches with the Gabon national team, during which he scored 4 goals, and has previously played for Monana in the local league.


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