FilGoal | News | Urban explodes a surprise about his future coaching


Essam El-Hadary, the legend of goalkeeping in Egypt and Africa, opened the door to the possibility of entering the world of training in the first-man seat.

“I am currently obtaining a B license from the AFC in the UAE,” Al-Hadari said via Ontime Sports 2.

He continued: “Unfortunately, the African Union has recently become not giving courses and does not provide livelihoods, even by Corona, and this is a bad thing in enough right.”

He pointed out: “The AFC license allows me to work anywhere, and it is a complete course in which I study working as a technical director, a trainer of guards, a physical trainer, a nutritionist or a first aid.”

When asked about his potential as a coach, he explained, “I may not necessarily work as a goalkeeper coach.”

He pointed out, “I have offers, but I will wait until the end of the current session, and if my country needs me, I will not delay it.”

Al-Hadari turned to talking about Mohamed Abdel-Monsef not joining the Egyptian national team: “In my opinion, Abdel-Monsef will not join the team except in the presence of a foreign technical apparatus.”

He continued, “Egyptian technical bodies always talk about a decrease in the average life expectancy, and this is their right by the way.”

He added, “But if I were a coach, I would have included Abdel-Monsef, age is not important as long as he performs and has determination and generosity.”

He stressed: “The decisions of the current technical staff must be respected, however, for they are the ones who will be held accountable.”

And he gave advice to Sharif Ikrami: “I tell my honorable not to pay attention to or look at what is said about it, whether it is positive or negative.”

He continued, “He must work harder and train more. I know his way of thinking well because I dealt with him for years. If he remains in the same current situation, he will not be successful in the coming period, he must close his ears and think about his team.”

He commented on the crisis of Mahdi Suleiman: “He is unlucky to be on the same team with Sherif Ikrami and Ahmed El Shennawy.”

He revealed: “I spoke with him and asked him if he had problems with the management to solve them and train until the end of the season, whether he participated or not.”

He concluded, “Our problem is that our culture does not change.”


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