FilGoal | News | Valencia marvels at the statements of the Cadiz player regarding the incident of racism against DiCapi


Valencia was surprised by the statements made by Juan Kalla, the Cadiz player, on the incident of racism against Mokhtar Diacabe, the Valencia player.

Cadiz beat Valencia with two goals to one, a match that saw Valencia retreat for nearly half an hour in response to the incident.

Kala first appeared at a press conference on Tuesday to defend himself and said, “I didn’t call him a damn nigger.”

“I will file a complaint against Diocabe for accusing me without evidence,” he added.

For his part, the bat responded in a statement: “Valencia CF is deeply saddened by the statements made by Juan Kala, the Cadiz player, on Tuesday, which came 48 hours after the incident.”

“Kala denied insulting Mokhtar Diakabe in racist terms, to miss a great opportunity to accept his mistake and apologize to the injured player. Instead of doing so, he attacked Mokhtar and some of the Valencia players,” the statement added.

“Valencia CF wants to confirm that we fully believe in and support our player, and the club and President Anil Murthy and Diakapi himself will remain convinced to fight on this issue until the end after the threats made by Kalla at his press conference on Tuesday 6 April,” the statement continued.

“Valencia CF will not stop fighting in the fight against racism in football,” the statement concluded.

what happened

Half an hour later, the match witnessed an unfortunate controversy, when Valencias Mokhtar Diocabe alleged that he had been racially insulted by Juan Cala, the Cadiz defender.

The French player of Senegalese origin engaged in an altercation with Cala and then left the field affected, followed by his teammates in the complete withdrawal of the Valencia team.

The match was suspended due to the crisis for nearly half an hour, at a time when Kalla denied his racist insult to his counterpart Diakabe.

Later, the Valencia players returned to the stadium, but Don Diocabe was replaced by Hugo Giamon.

With the start of the second half, Kala in turn did not return to the field and was replaced by Mauro.

Coincidentally, it is defender Mauro himself who will snatch the winning goal in the 88th minute with a header after the cross of the other substitute, Ivan Alejo.


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