FilGoal | News | Valverde: Our bus was smashed? This is an incentive to go out and kill on the field


Federico Valverde, Real Madrid’s player, underestimated the impact of his team’s bus being struck before the match against Liverpool.

Real Madrid imposed a 0-0 draw at Liverpool, to cross into the Champions League semi-finals, taking advantage of their 3-1 victory in the first leg.

Valverde was asked after the meeting about the bottle that smashed the glass of the Merengue bus. He smiled and answered: “No, no, this is nothing.”

To which an ESPN reporter joked, “You came from Penyarol, and it’s normal there.”

Valverde continued: “Yes, this is normal, but it gives you an additional incentive to go out on the field and kill and give everything you have.”

Valverde started the match at the right-back, and ended it in the middle of the field.

Valverde’s wife, Mina Bonino, published after the meeting a picture of his swollen ankle, with which he fought the match, after he received a strong blow against Barcelona in the El Clasico.

Valverde appeared to limp while leaving Anfield Road after Liverpool were eliminated from the Champions League.

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