FilGoal | News | Vanguards of the army hits the calm of El Gouna by four


In a season in which El Gouna is progressing quietly and offering a great performance, the visit of Talaia El Jaysh came to disturb this calm with a big victory.

Talaia El Guish defeated El Gouna 4-0 at “Khaled Bechara” stadium, in the 18th round of the Egyptian League matches.

Islam Mohareb, Nasser Mansi, and Ahmed Samir scored twice, the four Al-Jaysh goals.

The victory raised the balance of Al-Jaysh to the 17th point in the 13th place, while the balance of El-Gouna was frozen at 21 points in the 11th place.


Ahmed Adel Abdel Moneim guards the El Gouna goalkeeper, while Omar Al-Saeed led the offensive line.

On the other hand, Amr Gamal and Nasser Mansi Hajoun commanded the vanguards of the army, and Islam Muhareb played as a left back.

Description of the match

The first minutes of the match were calm, and the first threat came in the 25th minute of a violation committed by Amr Gamal, but it passed by the post shortly.

The first goal came in the 30th minute. A pass from Nasser Mansi to Islam Muhareb on the border of the penalty area, and a warrior met it with a wonderful direct shot in the left scissors of Ahmed Adel Abdel Moneim, scoring the first.

Al-Jaish was not satisfied with that, so he added a fatal goal before the end of the game in the 45th minute. A corner executed by Muhannad Lashin, was met by Nasser Mansi with a header in the net, scoring the second, to end the first half with the visitors advancing with two goals.

Second half

Reda Shehata started the second half with two substitutions to try to save the situation. Karim Al-Tayyib and Amr Al-Saadawi participated instead of Islam Abdel-Naim, and Amr Abdel-Fattah “Amouri”.

With the beginning of the return attempts, the army’s vanguard was preparing for the match with a third goal in the 47th minute. A cross from Nasser Mansi, met by Ahmed Samir with a touch of the bird in the net.

El Gounas substitutions continued in the 60th minute, with Mohamed Abdel-Gawad entering instead of Mohamed Yakan.

In the 61st minute, Al-Jaysh won a penalty kick after Mohamed Naguib blocked Amr Gamal.

Ahmed Samir executed the penalty kick, but Ahmed Adel Abdel Moneim saved it brilliantly.

Abdel Hamid Bassiouni enters here with the first changes of his team. Ahmed Hani and Amr Marei participated in the 72nd minute, instead of Ibrahim Konya and Amr Gamal.

And the military team continued to shine with a fourth goal in the 80th minute. A great start from Islam Muhareb in his new position as a left back, then a floor cross, met by Ahmed Samir with a shot in the goal, scoring the fourth.

The two teams here made substitutions to no avail. Mohamed El-Jazzar participated in El-Gouna instead of substitute Karim El-Tayeb in the 81st minute to stop the score at this point.

On the other hand, Muhammad Shehata, Franj Njunga, and Ali Al-Zahidi participated in the ranks of the Army Corps in the 85th minute, instead of Nasser Mansi, Muhannad Lashin, and Ahmed Samir.

The victory raised the balance of Al-Jaysh to the 17th point in the 13th place, while the balance of El-Gouna was frozen at 21 points in the 11th place.

The remaining minutes of the match ended quietly, and the match ended with Talaa Al-Jaish defeating its host El Gouna by four.


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