FilGoal | News | Wajih Ahmed: The referees have prepared us for the two summit matches … they will not run for Al-Ahly or Zamalek before it


Wajih Ahmed, head of the Referees Committee, revealed that two Egyptian refereeing teams have been prepared to run the next two summit matches.

Zamalek receives Al-Ahly on April 18, before arriving as a guest on May 10, in the Egyptian League competitions.

Wagih Ahmed stressed the reliance on two Egyptian teams to run the two matches: “We have prepared two full Egyptian teams to manage the two matches, and they will not referee any match for Al-Ahly or for Zamalek before it.”

He justified during his speech on On Time Sports 2: “We do not want to appear as a referee in a match for Al-Ahly or Zamalek, and perhaps an arbitration controversy will occur, then this referee will return to the summit arbitration, and it is said that the same referee who had the previous shot was brought.”

Wagih Ahmed stressed: “The existence of video technology prompts us to rely on Egyptian rulers, as all the controversial footage between goals, penalty kicks or red cards is reviewed by technology.”

He pointed out: “The second summit will be 12 rounds before the end of the league, and therefore it is not a decisive match like the previous seasons when the summit was directed to the last round.”

He emphasized: “The fact that the summit is early will make the sensitivity on the field less.”

He added, “The Referees Committee has done its part and has already prepared the two arbitration teams, and the final decision is now in the hands of the Egyptian Football Association headed by Ahmed Mujahid.

what happened

Ahmed Mujahid said earlier about The intention of the Football Association to rely on the crew of Egyptian referees To manage the summit especially in the presence of video technology.

But Zamalek addressed the Football Association Announcing his refusal to manage the summit by an Egyptian arbitration team.

as such Mahmoud Al-Khatib stated The president of Al-Ahly believes that there is still enough time to seek the assistance of a foreign arbitration team.


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