FilGoal | News | With an effort that fulfills the purpose, Zamalek defeats El Harby production with a double


Zamalek players celebrate the goal in front of El Entag El Harby

Zamalek temporarily extended the lead in the lead with an easy victory over El Entag El Harby, despite the poor performance of the two teams.

Zamalek defeated El Entag El Harby with two goals to none at Al-Ahly WE Al-Salam stadium, in a postponed match from the 16th round of the Egyptian League.

Ashraf Bencharki and Hamid Haddad scored Zamalek in the first half.

The victory raised Zamalek to the 36th point at the top of the standings from 16 games, and 6 points ahead of Al-Ahly, who is in second place, by 30 points from 13 games.

On the other hand, the balance of military production stagnated at 12 points, in the 18th and last place.


Patrice Carteron made 7 amendments to the formation of Zamalek during the summit meeting. Muhammad Abu Jabal returned to guard the goalkeeper, and Hamid Ahadad led the attack, while Muhammad Abdel Shafi started as a left back, and Ahmed Sayed “Zizou” was the main player on the left corridor, and Abdullah Jumaa as the right wing.

Description of the match

The start of the match was very quiet between the two teams. Abdullah Jumaa shot in the third minute, but above the goal.

In the 20th minute, Zamalek got a penalty after it collided with Ali Fathy, the left-back of the production.

Mohamed Maarouf, the referee, did not count at first, but returned to video technology and decided to award a penalty kick to Zamalek.

Ashraf Bencharki successfully scored the penalty kick, scoring the first goal for Zamalek.

Al-Entag El-Harby almost equaled in the 31st minute after a cross from the right side. Muhammad Abu Jabal came out but failed to catch the ball, to reach Muhammad Talaat, who headed him towards the goal, but Mahmoud Hamdi “Al-Wansh” saved the ball from the goal line.

Zamalek is back under pressure

Zamalek came back to pressure again in the last quarter of an hour of the first half, and Ahmed Sayed “Zizou” almost scored the second in the 39th minute. It hit the wall and covered Ahmed Yahya, but it passed just above the goal.

In the 39th minute, Hamid Haddad scored a second goal for Zamalek. A cross from Mohamed Abdel Shafi, Ali Fathi made a mistake in returning the goalkeeper with his chest, only to be cut off by Haddad and scored in the goal.

The goal is the first for Hamid Haddad in Qimis Zamalek in his second term with the team, and the second for him in general with Zamalek.

Second half

The beginning of the second half was difficult for Zamalek, after Mohamed Abdel Ghani went out, dismissed with a second warning in the 50th minute.

Patrice Carteron had to make the first substitutions here in the 54th minute. Mohamed Abdel Salam participated in place of Hamza Mathlouthi, so Ahmed Sayed “Zizou” returned as a right-back.

Mohamed Abdel Salam’s third participation this season, after a minute against Al Ittihad of Alexandria in the league, and 10 minutes against Haras El Hodoud in the Egypt Cup.

Carteron resorted to the bench again in the 65th minute, by entering Saif al-Din al-Jaziri and Islam Jaber instead of Abdullah Jumaa and Ashraf Bencharki.

On the other hand, Ahmed Koshary responded by entering Ibrahim Abdel-Khaleq in the 66th minute, instead of Mohamed Vieira.

Al-Entag El-Harby’s attempts were timid, including a shot by Mahmoud Al-Badri in the 74th minute, next to the goal.

Ahmed Koshary Agri made two new substitutions in the 80th minute, with Ghannam Muhammad and Abdel Rahman entering a check instead of Muhammad Talaat and Muhammad Ramadan.

Mohamed Talaat clashed with the bench of Zamalek during his exit. Here, Mohamed Maarouf, the referee, awarded a yellow card to Osama Nabih, coach of Zamalek, then returned and expelled Mohamed Talaat despite his exit from the stadium.

Substitute Saif al-Jaziri almost scored the third in the 86th minute after a ball that he cut and was alone from the midfield, but the ball got long from him, so Ahmed Yahya came out and saved his goal.

The last Carteron substitutions took place in the 91st minute, with Ahmed Fattouh and Mahmoud Abdel Aziz entering instead of Hamid Haddad and Ferjani Sassi.

Ghannam Mohamed also tried the shot in the 93rd minute, but as usual, it was far from the goal.

The last attempts were from a fixed ball to Mohamed Bazooka in the 95th minute, but Abu Jabal confronted it steadily, to end the match with Zamalek winning two goals to none.

The victory raised Zamalek to the 36th point at the top of the standings from 16 games, and 6 points ahead of Al-Ahly, who is in second place, by 30 points from 13 games.


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