FilGoal | News | Zamalek: Carteron decides to stop Imam Ashour and train him with Al-Shabab


Imam Ashour scores and celebrates the second goal of Zamalek in Ceramica Cleopatra

Zamalek announced that Patrice Carteron, the coach of the team, decided to stop Imam Ashour, the midfielder of the team, and trained him with the club’s youth team.

The official Zamalek website said that the decision came “when I came from Ashour in the team’s match against Mouloudia Algeria.”

Imam Ashour, 23, did not participate during the match.

Imam scored 4 goals and made 3 in 16 appearances with Zamalek this season.

Zamalek defeated MC Algiers 2-0 at the July 5 stadium, in the matches of the fifth round of the group stage of the African Champions League.

Hope is now back for Zamalek to qualify, but on condition that it beat Tounjeth in the last round, and MCA lost to Esperance in Rades.

The victory raised the balance of Zamalek to a fifth point in third place in the group standings, while Mouloudia Algerias balance stuck at 8 points in second place.

The Zamalek mission arrived in Cairo on Sunday morning, after the dear victory.


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