FilGoal | News | Zamalek: Carteron saw what Imam Ashour did and decided to stop it … and we are working to increase the electrification fine


Imam Ashour scores and celebrates the second goal of Zamalek in Ceramica Cleopatra

Amr Al-Dardir, head of the media system in Zamalek, revealed the behavior that led to the suspension of Imam Ashour.

Imam Ashour was suspended, fined, and taken down to train with youthBecause of what happened to him during the MCA match last Saturday.

“What Imam did was he kicked the stadium banner while warming up,” Al Dardir said on On Time Sports 1.

He continued, “Everyone was busy with the match, but Carteron saw what he had done and decided to stop it.”

And he stressed: “An imam did not go beyond and did not completely object. Some people have imagined their imagination, and the matter took more than its size.”

Al-Dardir revealed a new move from Zamalek in the Kahraba case.

He said, “Zamalek lodged an appeal before the Sports Court with the help of an Italian lawyer 20 days ago, who had already paid the $ 25,000 appeal fee.”

He explained: “We will present new documents at a hearing on the 21st of this month, which will bring together the lawyer of Zamalek and the lawyer of Kahraba, and after that the final decision will be made.”

Al-Dardir confirmed that the committee that runs Zamalek Continuing its work: “The committee has no objection to changing it.”

He concluded: “It is very normal, they are volunteers and they came to serve the club, but the general trend is for their continuation.”


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