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Hossam El Din Abu Bakr, a member of the legal committee of Tunisias Esperance, stressed that his team seeks to win all of its matches.

Abu Bakr told Ontime Sports: “Esperance seeks to win all of its matches, as it is one of the biggest African clubs and always strives to win.”

And he added, “We have a confrontation today against Olympic Beja in the league that we want to resolve early to focus on the African Champions League. It is not true that we will play in the second row against Mouloudia of Algeria.”

He continued, “The picture will become clear about our formation against Mouloudia after today’s match against Olympique Beja. We have players threatened with suspension who may not participate.”

Zamalek needs Esperance to beat MCA in the final round of the group stage of the African Champions League, with its victory over Senegalese Tongeth, to qualify for the quarter-finals.


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