FilGoal | News | Zamalek doctor reveals the injury of Zizou and Gensh .. and behind the scenes, he brought awareness back to the Mouloudia player


Ahmed Sayed Zizou – Maran Zamalek in Rades – Photo from Zamalek website

Mohamed Osama, a doctor in the Zamalek club, revealed the diagnosis of Ahmed Sayed “Zizou” and Mahmoud Abdel-Rahim “Jensh”, the team’s player.

Muhammad Osama said in statements to Ontime Sports 2: “Zizou was complaining of pain in the face two days ago, but it was minor.”

He added, “The player woke up today to terrible pain and found swelling at the site of the injury. Mostly this tumor is due to infections, for example in the joints or something.”

Osama follows, “We will have x-rays on his foot as soon as he returns to Egypt, and I expect him to be present in the next match.”

Zamalek had announced Zizou’s injury before the MCA match, and his absence from the match hours earlier.

And about the presence of other injuries in the team, he said, “Jensh complained of back pain during the match and was asking me to spray local anesthetic.”

And he continued, “The ball in which he received a yellow card, in which he was already injured. At the end of the match, he confronted a ball that required a strong reaction and hurt his back very much.”

Zamalek doctor also talked behind the scenes of his treatment of the Mouloudia player. He said, “I went to treat Hamid Ahadad after a joint ball with the Mouloudia player and their heads collided with each other, and I found that Hamid’s condition is reassuring, but the Algerian player’s condition is more difficult and he lost consciousness.”

He finished, “I treated him immediately until the Mouloudia doctor arrived and handed him over and advised him to take him out, but he preferred to complete the match. After the match the player was transferred by ambulance because he suffered a slight concussion.”

Zamalek defeated MCA with two goals to none, in the fifth round of the African Champions League matches.

Zamalek is preparing to face Tounjeth on April 10 in the final round. Zamalek will need to win, with MCA losing to Esperance, to qualify for the next round.


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