FilGoal | News | Zamalek Group – Tongith defeats Esperance and ignites the qualification struggle


In a big surprise, the qualification struggle sparked more and more in the Zamalek group, Tongith defeated Esperance.

Tounjeth defeated Esperance 2-1 at Tounjeth Stadium in the fifth round matches of the group stage of the African Champions League.

Mohamed Ali Bin Ramadan scored the goal for Esperance, while Sergei Niang and Gabriel Saleh scored Tongith’s goal.

The victory raised Tounjeth’s balance to 4 points, leading to third place at the expense of Zamalek, while Esperance had frozen at 10 points in first place, and they had secured qualification in advance.

Esperance advanced with the first goal in the 28th minute from a fixed ball, which he executed beautifully in the left scissors.

The owners of the land equalized in a wonderful way in the 38th minute from a wonderful double background of Sergei Niang, who went to Farouk Bin Mustafa, to end the first half with a draw.

Anis Al-Badri participated in the start of the second half in the 58th minute, replacing Khaled Abdel-Basit.

Taha Yassin Al-Khunaisi also participated in the 67th minute, instead of Serdik Jabo.

And in the 72nd minute came the surprising goal. A cross from Baba Sakho, Gabriel Saleh met with a header in the net, scoring the second, to end the match with Tounjeth winning 2-1.

The victory was the first in the history of Tongith in the group stage of the African Champions League, while it was the first loss for Esperance this season in the championship.

Zamalek will shortly play with MCA in the same round of the group.

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