FilGoal | News | Zamalek reveals his steps about the punishment of Ashour and Eid … and grievances against Esperance


Mahmoud Alaa records and celebrates the goal of Zamalek in the border guards

Amr El Dardir, a spokesman for Zamalek club, revealed the steps taken by his club regarding the punishment of Imam Ashour and Ahmed Eid, the team’s players, and a grievance against what happened in the Esperance and Mouloudia match between Algiers.

Amr Al-Dardir said in statements to Ontime Sports 2: “We submitted a petition from the first moment on the decision to punish Ahmed Eid and Imam Ashour, and we attached a video of Al-Ahly players mocking Zamalek from the same meeting. But the problem is that the disciplinary committee was basically solved after making its decision.”

On the Esperance match, Dardir said, “We submitted an official grievance to the African Union about what happened in the Esperance match and Mouloudia Algeria, and we were a little late in sending it to be translated into two languages.”

Zamalek had bid farewell to the African Champions League after finishing third in a group, and after Esperance drew with Mouloudia of Algeria in the last round, qualifying them together.

Zamalek is preparing to face Al-Ahly next Sunday, in a postponed match from the fourth round of the Egyptian League.


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