FilGoal | News | Zamalek: We are exposed to injustice .. Imam Ashour will be punished and the Football Association must implement its regulations


Amr Al-Dardir, a spokesman for the Zamalek club, believes that his club is subjected to injustice in the Youth Summit.

Al-Dardir said in statements to Al-Hadath TV today: “Zamalek is being wronged. The list that we have obtained since the beginning of the season stipulates the goal difference, but we were surprised by the Football Association that changes the list at the end of the match and then announces Al-Ahly’s victory in the competition.”

He added, “The Football Association’s decision to make a player like Imam Ashour deviate from the text. We reject, of course, any deviation from the text, and Imam Ashour will be investigated and anyone who deviates from the text against Al-Ahly or the Football Association will investigate him and do not accept that.”

A spokesman for Zamalek completed, “The player will be subjected to punishment, but in return we call on the Football Association to implement its decisions because what they do only happens in (WAC).”

Al-Ahly had defeated Zamalek in the youth summit, born in 1999, with two goals to one. After the match, the two teams celebrated the coronation of the Republic League competition.

After that, the Football Association decided to hold a play-off match between the two teams for the title on April 20 at El Sikkah Stadium.

Imam Ashour appeared in a video of the Zamalek team celebrating the title after the match, in which the players chanted with the fans a slogan that contained insults to the Al-Ahly club.


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