FilGoal | News | Zidane conference: Salah is not a player … I learned from Klopp, and we also have injuries


Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid’s coach, explained his position on coaching Egyptian Mohamed Salah, the star of Liverpool.

Real Madrid hosts Liverpool at the Alfredo Di Stefano Stadium tomorrow, Tuesday, in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals.

Zidane was asked if he wanted to train Salah, and he replied: “Salah is not my player.”

He continued during the press conference: “I have 25 players here and I am very happy with them and enjoy every moment.”

He stressed, “What interests me is tomorrow’s match and playing against players the size of Mohamed Salah.”

Zidane turned to talk about the upcoming match: “It is a final, a knockout match. We know that we will play 180 minutes or more, but first we have to face them tomorrow, we will not look further than that.”

He added, “I spoke with Hazard a lot. He must be calm. The most important thing is to recover completely. If the player is fine, I want him with the team. I will deal with him until we see what happens.”

He continued: “I always need all my players. I like that all my players are healthy. When someone is injured, of course this bothers me. We want to get Hazard back as soon as possible. There are some other injuries and I hope everyone will recover before the end of the season.”

Zidane was asked about the incident of Mokhtar Diakabe, the Valencia player, and expressed his clear position: “I fully condemn racism. I do not know what exactly happened yesterday, but I will only tell you how I feel. There should be no tolerance for racism.”

He went back to talking about the Reds’ match: “The season’s match? The Liverpool match is the most important for us because it is the next match. We focus on the next match only, just as we did against Eibar.”

He stressed, “I trust my team very much and realize what it can offer. The team has been detracted, but this is something I cannot change. All we have to do is work on a daily basis. We never give up as long as we are alive, we will fight for everything. We went through moments. Difficult and now we are better, but that doesn’t mean anything. ”

He continued: “The team understands a lot with Benzema, there is a clear chemistry between him and his teammates. Every player here has done what is necessary for him to play for this club.”

He added, “Klopp is a great coach, he has a lot of experience and has done a lot during his career. Every coach has his advantages. I look at the work of all the coaches and I have seen a lot of things Klopp does during my training studies.”

He explained: “Liverpool absences? They have other great players who can make up for those absences. We also have absences, there will always be absences.”

He pointed out: “Liverpool is an integrated team, the three attackers are very distinguished, but it is an integrated team in general and plays collectively. We realize the capabilities of the attacking trio, and they are very effective.”

He concluded: “The 2018 final? We do not think about the past. We have to live the present, and this applies to the two teams. For them this is a different match, and so are we. We will prepare for a different match.”

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