Florentino Perez reveals the main reason for creating the European Super League championship


Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid, confirmed the president European Super League Championship, That the main reason behind the creation of the modern tournament that will change the balance of football is the poor financial conditions that clubs suffer, especially this season due to the Corona virus pandemic, explaining that the new tournament is the main goal of which is that it will generate a lot of money for the clubs.

Florentino Perez said during his interview with the Spanish “Cherngetto”: “I came for the first time to the Cherngetto program and it may be the last. The important clubs in Germany, England and Spain have to do something in a very bad situation, only Madrid lost 400 million this season.”

He added: “When you do not have income outside the competition, you have the idea of ​​holding more competitive matches. With the European Super League, we will be able to reduce losses due to the epidemic. For more competitive matches, everyone will earn more money.”

He continued: “The European Super League will save clubs that suffer from financial income, when you do not have income other than broadcast rights. You say the solution is to present more attractive matches that allow fans from all over the world to watch the big teams play against each other.”

And he continued: “The more competition in matches, the more excitement and income, this is how we can survive. Football should develop.”

According to the European Super League official website, the tournament will consist of 20 teams, divided into two groups, each group of 10 clubs, so that there will be 15 clubs, 12 of which have been officially announced.

The winners of the first three places in the group stage will qualify for the quarter-finals, consisting of 8 clubs, while the fourth and fifth places will play a playoff match to determine the two qualified teams, after which the knockout round matches will start with a back-and-forth system.


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