For graduates of colleges and technical diplomas .. The last date to apply to fill 260 positions at the Ministry of Justice


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The Ministry of Justice announced that Monday, April 12, the deadline to apply for graduates of colleges, institutes and technical diplomas, and holders of preparatory degrees, to occupy 260 new jobs in the interest of experts affiliated with the Ministry of Justice for all disciplines.

The ministry said in the announcement that for those who meet the conditions of appointment in those jobs, he must send the application in the name of the head of the experts sector in a registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, including all documents and papers required to occupy the position, to the address of the experts’ department in Abbasiya Square, originating July 23, Building 2B.

The Ministry made it clear that the authority will not consider applications that are submitted by hand or that are sent after the application deadline has expired, and it indicated that obtaining job application forms through the special website Government jobs portal on the Internet.

What are the nature of jobs and the conditions required for recruitment?

– 99 expert assistants are required for appointment, provided that the applicant holds a bachelor’s degree according to the required specializations. Those with a master’s or doctorate are preferred for appointment, and also those with specialized training courses are preferred.

– Three researchers are required to work in digital transformation and information systems, provided that the applicant attains a higher qualification.

To fill the administrative development position, a third researcher is required to be appointed, provided that the applicant holds a high qualification.

– 45 fourth writers, who are also required to be appointed in the interest of experts, and the applicant must have an intermediate or above-average qualification.

A fourth technician is required, also for appointment, provided that the applicant has an intermediate or above average qualification.

86 persons are required to be appointed for the position of Sixth Service Associate, and the applicant must have obtained a qualification less than the average.

– 22 craftsmen are also required. The applicant must have a qualification less than the average, and he must have a first or second degree license.

What are the documents required to apply?

Submit a statement of the applicant’s current employment status and include all his data.

Submit a copy of a valid national ID.

A copy of the academic graduation certificate.

– For craft jobs provide a copy of the driver’s license.

Submit a certificate of work regarding the applicant’s position on disciplinary sanctions.

– The applicant must have knowledge of computer proficiency.

– The applicant must be a permanent employee in government agencies.

– The applicant must have at least 5 years of experience in all the required jobs.

The applicant age for the job is no more than 35 years old.

– Obtaining a written approval from the employer to apply for the job advertisement in the expert interest sector.

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