Foreign currency rates on Wednesday


Al-Mustaqbal monitors foreign exchange rates today, Wednesday, April 7, compared to the pound during today’s trading.

Average Prices:

Dollar: 15.65 pounds.

Euro: 18.41 pounds

Pound sterling: 21.71 pounds.

Foreign exchange rate in AlAhli Bank:

The price of the “dollar” stabilized against the pound, recording 15.74 pounds for purchase and 15.64 pounds for sale.

In BLOM Bank Egypt:

The price of the dollar for buying is 15.67 pounds and for selling is 15.66.

In the Arab International Bank:

The price of the dollar stabilized at 15.67 pounds for buying and selling, at 15.66.

Al Baraka Bank:

The exchange rate of the pound sterling rose within Al Baraka Islamic Bank to buy 21.93 pounds and 21.75 to sell.

United Bank:

The dollar was recorded to buy 21.93 pounds and sell 21.71.

Development Bank:

The exchange rate of the British pound rose, recording 21.93 pounds to buy and 21.75 to sell.

Euro rates:

Suez Canal Bank:

The exchange rate of the euro was recorded at 18.62 pounds for purchase and 18.47 pounds.

Credit Agricole Bank:

Recorded to buy 18.58 pounds and sell 18.38.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank:

Recorded to buy 18.62 pounds and sell 18.49.

The euro also rose in Banque Misr, to record buying 18.60 pounds and selling 18.45.

Swiss Franc:

It rose within the National Bank to buy 16.81 pounds, to sell 16.65.

In Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait:

Recorded to buy at the level of 16.84 pounds, and to sell 16.68.

Kuwait Bank:

It rose against the pound to record 16.73 pounds for purchase and 16.59 for sale.

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