Former Esperance star: There is no room for complacency in front of Mouloudia


Sami Laaroussi, the former Tunisian Esperance star, confirmed that the Esperance team is a big name and has a history and there is no room for compliments in the match that brings it together in Mouloudia Algeria on Saturday, and the fate of Zamalek depends on it from the accounts of qualifying for the quarter-finals.

Sami Al-Aroussi added, in televised statements to the Ontime Stadium program, on the On Time Sports TV channel with Saif Zaher: “Esperance will not tolerate Mouloudia, neither his reputation nor his history pushes him to be complacent in front of Mouloudia. The match will be very exciting and exciting between two great teams. We then congratulate the qualified.” .

The former Tunisian Esperance star added that Esperance is a stronger entity than the players and coach, saying: “We play to win, we respect the direct competitor and the rest of the group’s competitors. Qualifying early does not mean that we go to the Mouloudia match with a kind of indolence and recklessness that is not present in a team the size of Esperance, but the team.” He will miss 6 players against Mouloudia. ”

French Patrice Carteron, coach of the first football team at Zamalek Club, announced the team’s list in preparation for the Senegalese match, scheduled for Saturday at Cairo Stadium, in the sixth round of the group stage matches of the African Champions League.

In another context, Zamalek club officials decided to open the contract amendment file for Mahmoud Hamdi Al-Wensh, the defender of the soccer team, during the next few days, after his remarkable brilliance during the last period, which made him enter the circle of interests of some Gulf clubs, especially in the Saudi League, and is exposed to great material temptations. , But the white club adheres to its continuation in the coming period.


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