Former head of the Jordanian royal court: Israel is involved in the plot to overthrow the king


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Dr. Jawad Al-Anani, the former head of the Jordanian royal court, confirmed full control over the suspicious movements that were targeting the country’s security, as the situation was controlled and there were no other attempts.

“Al-Anani” added, during a telephone interview with the “Cairo Talk” program, with the journalist Khairy Ramadan, and the journalist Karima Awad, on the “Cairo and People” channel, that the investigation process on the suspicious movements that targeted the country will take place in the long term, and that there are investigations regarding the reason for the The current conspiracy from outside parties, stressing that there are indications that the one in charge of this action is the current Israeli government.

And he talked about that Israel wants to destabilize Jordan’s security, as the extreme right in Israel sees Jordan as a barrier against the realization of its plans, sending a message to the Israeli government, saying: “You have been disappointed in the conspiracy against Jordan and Netanyahu has a bad record towards Jordan from multiple killings and looting. ».

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