From Kabul to Samanoud .. What is the story of the dentist with “the defected officers?”


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Monday 19 April 2021

Books – Mahmoud Saeed:

The sixth episode of “The Choice 2” series highlighted the role of a dentist in the defection of 6 police officers in the central and national security sectors as part of a terrorist cell established by the dismissed officer Muhammad al-Bakucci to target President Sisi.

Masrawy was singled out in a series of episodes published in January 2018 with the text of the investigations of Case No. 148 of 2017 Military, which included the statements of the accused Ali Ibrahim Hassan Mohamed, a dentist, who played the role in the series, the great artist Saeed Siddiq.

The defendant said that he was a graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry at Ain Shams University in 2002, and worked in a clinic that follows health insurance, and at night he worked in his own clinic, and committed religious commitment in 1997 through one of his friends named Muhammad Omar, “He called me to pray at the Kabul Mosque in Nasr City,” adding. ” At that time, I was hearing the lessons of the religion of Sheikh “Nashaat” in transactions, prayer and the biography of the Messenger, and then he got to know two: Yasser, a teacher, Hani Kishk, a doctor, and Walid Hajjaj, an engineer and others.

He added that he used to pray in the Al-Tawhid mosque in Heliopolis, where he met Ahmed Al-Kuwaiti and Muhammad Nassif, “They were leaving the prison,” and the latter had jihadist ideas. “He used to speak with me about jihad in Islam and gave me tapes that I heard to Abdullah Azzam, and they were talking about jihad in Afghanistan against Russia.” “.

Then the accused doctor recognized Khaled Muhammad, a student, who was invited by the latter to hear Sheikh Mustafa Al-Adawi, “Tell him if he wants to receive legal knowledge, he traveled to Sheikh Al-Adawi Samanoud,” adding that he traveled and learned hadith knowledge from 2003 to 2006 with his hand, and in 2007 he was arrested He was imprisoned in Wadi al-Natrun for a period of 7 months, “because of the lessons of Sheikh Nashat,” according to the investigations.

He pointed out that, inside the prison, he recognized Essam Al-Anani, “he was a jihadist and was detained since 1991.” Then he was released in 2008 and continued attending the lessons of Sheikh Mustafa Al-Adawi until the January 25, 2011 revolution, when his relationship with the officer in the Central Security Sector, Karim Hamdi, was strengthened. “He was my neighbor at home. … and he asked me on my names for the sheikhs whom I learn on their hands, and I said that he was one of the officers who wanted to grow their beard. ”

He pointed out that Officer Karim Hamdy told him that the Ministry of the Interior dismissed a number of officers for “raising a pig,” after which the revolution took place on June 30, 2013, then the Rabaa and Al-Nahda sit-ins, and that he went to the Rab’a sit-in twice.

The accused continued that he met “Hamdi” at the sit-in who met a disconnected bearded officer, and the latter was killed later during the dispersal of the sit-in, “Karim Hamdi was very affected and I saw that the Ministry of Interior dealt cruelly with the sit-in.” And after the sit-in, “I was sitting with Karim Hamdi and Issam Al-Anani.” And after three months They met at his home, in the presence of the dismissed officer, Muhammad al-Bakucci, and then Officer Khairat al-Sabki joined them.

The defendant said in the investigations that he joined a group that includes Essam Al-Anani, Khairat Sami Al-Sabki, Muhammad Jamal Abdul Rahim, Karim Hamdi, Islam Weam and Hanafi Jamal (former officers), pointing out that the founder and leader of the cell is the dismissed officer Muhammad al-Bakucci.

He added that the group was targeting both President El-Sisi, former Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim, and the former Assistant Minister of Interior for Central Security Medhat Al-Minshawi, “but Maarifnash is carrying out any need.”

After their failure, Karim Hamdy, Muhammad Jamal, Khairat al-Sabki, and Islam Weam wanted to travel to Syria or Iraq “to strive within the ranks of ISIS.”

Regarding the details of the dialogue between them, Al-Bakuchi said that Defense Minister Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, Muhammad Ibrahim, Minister of Interior, and Medhat Al-Minshawi, the former head of the Central Security Sector, were responsible for dispersing the Rab’a sit-in. I thought about traveling to Syria to wage jihad against the Shiites. ”

He added that he learned that Muhammad al-Bakuchi had died in a car accident, and he met Karim Hamdi, who told him that there were 4 other officers who wanted jihad, namely Khairat al-Subki, Islam Weam, Hanafi Jamal and Muhammad Jamal. Then they came to his clinic to plan to travel to Syria for jihad.

In December, defendant Ali Ibrahim traveled to Saudi Arabia for Umrah, then contacted a doctor named Mervat, who facilitated an interview with the accused in the case, Ahmed Bayoumi, who tried and others to assassinate President Sisi while performing the Umrah.

Regarding the last interview with the officers, the dentist said that he met them in February 2016 and told them there was a way to travel to Syria, but after that the National Security Agency arrested him on June 30, 2016, in the vicinity of his residence in Al-Shorouk.

It is noteworthy that on June 12, 2019, the Military Court, held in the Tora Courts Complex, sentenced 32 defendants to life imprisonment, including Ali Ibrahim Hassan, a dentist, and punished 29 suspects with the aggravating 15-year-old and 81 for 5-year aggravation, and 117-defendants with 3-year aggravation and 7-year aggravation for 36 Accused. As for the “bakucci”, the criminal case against him was terminated for his death, and the court acquitted two defendants and did not have jurisdiction over the accused (juvenile), in case No. 148 military, which included 301 defendants.

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