Full details of Ahmed Fathy’s crisis in Pyramids


A big uproar sparked by the news of Argentine coach Rodolfo Aruabarinas desire to dispense with his veteran player Ahmed Fathy, due to his lack of technical need for his services during the coming period.

Yallakora learned from Pyramids club sources that Aruabarina is not satisfied with the levels presented by Fathi since joining the team, and he also expressed his reservations about the player’s performance during the training and his extra weight during the recent period.

Fathi joined Pyramids after the end of his contract with Al-Ahly last summer, in a deal that attracted a great deal of attention, as Al-Ahly sought to renew his contract with the player who was over 36 years old, but a dispute over the financial return caused his destination to shift to Pyramids.

After the news of the Pyramids study spread of the termination of the contract with Fathi like wildfire over the course of Thursday, Hani Saeed, the club’s sporting director, went out to talk about the matter, especially after Ahmed Hossam “Mido”, the club’s media spokesman and technical advisor, did not appear, which confirmed that there is a real crisis. Related to the player.

Before the appearance of Hani Saeed, the journalist Saif Zahir, in turn, spoke about the matter, on the ONTime Sports screen, confirming that there is indeed a crisis related to Fathi at the Pyramids Club.

Zahir said: “Yes, there is a crisis, and yes, things are not well. Ahmed Fathy did not participate in the team’s last match, and he was angry and threw a bottle, and he quarreled with the coach, and also clashed with Hani Saeed.”

Zaher added that Mamdouh Eid, Executive Director of Pyramids Club, asked Mido to intervene to solve the crisis, and indeed Mido contacted Fathi, but the phone call that brought them together developed into a new crisis, so that Saddam Fathi expanded with his club officials.

The presenter of “ONTime Stadium” ended his speech by confirming that Aruabarina strongly objected to the manner in which Fathy dealt with him, and that Fathi caused problems with the coach, the sports director and the technical advisor, which complicated his position.

One of the reasons for Fathi’s departure from Al-Ahly was that Mohamed Hani had more opportunities to participate in the right-back position during Fathi’s last season with the red jersey, which prompted the player to leave in search of a guarantee of continuous participation, in order to maintain his place in the list of the first Egyptian team, and to achieve The dream of participating in the 2022 World Cup Finals, in which the national team is waiting for the qualifying rounds during the current year.

But the irregularity of Fathi’s participation in the Pyramids shirt caused a shock to the player, as he recently left the accounts of Hossam El-Badry, the Egyptian coach, after he participated in only nine matches mainly, among the 22 matches that Pyramids played in various competitions during the current season.

Hani Saeed went out to talk about the crisis in televised statements on Thursday evening, and despite his emphasis that the club does not intend to dispense with Fathi and that he is an element of experience that cannot be neglected in his services, his statements were in themselves a confirmation of the crisis besieging Fathi in Pyramids.

Hani Said said that Fathi is like a younger brother for him, and not just a player in the team, before admitting that an altercation occurred between the player and the coach, as well as with him personally, after the last confrontation in which Fathi objected to not participating, but the sports director returned and stated that he contained the crisis and succeeded At its termination.

Saeed also admitted that Fathi’s crises exceeded the coach and sports director, as he mentioned that a new crisis stemmed from Fathi’s clash with Mido in the phone call that brought them together, and added that the club will try to calm the situation after the team’s return from the Moroccan lands, as Pyramids are preparing to face the Raja team, Within the African Confederation Cup competitions.

On the player’s participation during the coming period, which is the source of Fathi’s crisis, Saeed said that this matter concerns the coach alone, and no person in the club can interfere with the team’s coach’s choices, before concluding his speech with his sentences that many considered a “veiled” message, where he said: ” I would like to make it clear that the player must always have an acceptable position in the technical framework and not create a negative atmosphere among the team so that he does not get out of the accounts.

Fathi began his professional career with the Ismaili ranks, before moving to the English team Sheffield United in a short experience, from which he returned to the Egyptian stadiums through Al-Ahly Gate, who spent 13 years in his ranks, during which he left on loan in two experiences with Kazma Al-Kuwaiti and Hale City, England, and his departure to Umm Salal of Qatar. Before returning after one year.


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