Gartner: The number of devices in use around the world has risen to 6.2 billion


The latest reports by Gartner Research showed that the total number of devices in use around the world (whether they are personal computers (desktop or laptop computers), tablets, or mobile phones) is estimated at about 6.2 billion devices. Projections also indicate that the year 2021 will witness the operation of approximately 125 million new devices, compared to 2020, between laptops or tablets.

Ranjit Atwal, Senior Head of Research at Gartner, said: “The circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic have caused a fundamental change in the patterns of device use, whether by the employee or the personal consumer. “From home to digital education, and the transition of digital entertainment games to relying on cloud computing, we expect an increase in both the numbers and types of devices that users will need, or even an increase in the use of the devices they currently own.”

By 2022, the number of devices in use appears to accelerate to follow their base to the 6.4 billion unit mark, an increase of nearly 3.2% compared to 2021 (see Figure 1). While working remotely has exacerbated the decline in the fortunes of desktop computers from the market, it has also boosted the use of laptops and tablets. The year 2021 is expected to witness an increase in the number of laptops and tablets by 8.8% and 11.7%, respectively, while expectations indicate that the use of desktop personal computers is heading to record a decline from about 552 million devices in 2020 to about 470 million devices per year. 2021.

An increase in the number of mobile phones is expected in 2021

The markets are seeing smartphones restore user confidence. Despite the 2.6% decline in 2020, the smartphone usage base is moving steadily towards regaining its growth rate of 1% during the year 2021. Mr. Atwal added: “With the availability of more types and options, and the decline in the prices of smart phones that work with technology. Fifth generation, consumers began to search for options to renew or replace their smartphones, looking for the additional benefits that they provide. Smartphones have become a major tool on which different people rely on to communicate and share their social moments in light of self-imposed social distancing and social isolation measures.

The integration between personal life and business flow, in addition to the distribution and spread of remote work teams, requires more flexibility in the devices used. An increasing number of remote employees are applying to use a combination of devices owned by the companies they work for, and their own devices that may vary in their work using Chrome operating systems, Apple’s iOS system, or Android system, which adds more Complexity of IT operations and services.

“The issue of connectivity remains a nuisance for many remote users,” Atwal said. But with the return of mobility and mobility to work teams, the need to provide employees with the appropriate tools to work from anywhere seems more urgent than ever. Fourth and fifth generation 4G / 5G technologies and other devices will witness an increasing increase with the emergence of the business need for them. ”


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