Gold prices today are rising two pounds, and 21 karat, recording 761 pounds per gram


registered gold prices Today, Thursday, in Egypt, a limited rise of only two pounds, against the background of the rise in the price of an ounce of gold today to 1747 dollars, which is the spot price and accepts the change throughout the trading sessions on gold.

Gold price today:

Caliber 18 recorded 652 pounds.

Caliber 21 recorded 761 pounds.

Caliber 24 recorded 984 pounds.

The gold pound is 6088 pounds.

An ounce of gold is $ 1747.

Mamdouh Abdullah revealed member Gold Division, That the expectations of precious metal prices during the coming period are linked to the movement of the dollar as well as the yields of US bonds, which are undergoing continuous changes as well as linked to the stimulus plan of the US economy and employment rates, so the market has witnessed many changes in the past days.

He added in special statements, that the price of gold is subject to a limited movement towards an increase during this week’s trading, with a limited decline in the dollar, to its lowest level in two weeks, but any changes to the dollar’s ​​decline will cause changes in gold.

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