Google advises its users: gags are still important to protect others


“The masks are still important .. wear a muzzle to protect others.” With these educational words, the world-famous search site “Google” changed the shape of its main interface, as it placed the muzzle on every letter of its letters, emphasizing the need to wear the muzzle and not abandon it, in light of the increase The numbers of people infected during the third wave of the emerging corona virus.

Google interface
Google interface

The letters of the word appeared Googl Across the main interface of the search site, decorated with face masks, followed by an awareness-raising comment, “Masks are still important … Wear a mask to protect others.”


It is noteworthy that, earlier last week, Google announced that the search for issues related to mental health increased by more than 1000% during the past 5 years.

The company pointed out that search requests in Arabic for “how do I enhance my mental health” increased by 1.100% in the last five years from 2016 to 2021, and reached its highest level in August 2020, and searches that included the word “therapist” reached the highest level Her 10 years ago in August 2020.

Naguib Jarrar, Head of Consumer Products Marketing in the Middle East and North Africa at Google, said: “Helping to communicate information to the people most in need is at the core of our goals at Google. Safe Space To provide millions of individuals whose search requests in Arabic for “how do I enhance my mental health” increased by 1.100%, and all of us in Google have increased search requests in Arabic for “how to enhance my mental health” by 1.100%, and we hope that the “Google Assistant” will contribute to their benefit. ” .


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