Google changes the application policy in Android phones


Google announced that it will increase the privacy of Android phones data with a tighter policy that it will follow towards applications, and according to the information provided by the company, as of the fifth of next May, it will begin to follow a new policy that will improve the privacy of phone users’ data by determining the capabilities of the applications, according to what Russia has reported today.

The available information indicates that, as of the aforementioned date, developers of programs and applications for Android 11 systems will not be able to download applications in the Google Play Store equipped with the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES function, meaning that their applications will not allow them to easily know the data related to the rest of the applications on the users’ devices, as Google is considered “This feature is sensitive and requires special permissions,” and only certain apps will be able to take advantage of it.

It is assumed that only some monitored applications are allowed to access the aforementioned data, including anti-virus programs in smart devices and some file management applications and browsers whose work requires that.

Experts believe that this step, which took Google a long time to take, is supposed to increase the privacy of users’ data, especially since some application developers were exploiting their data for personal purposes that may relate to the policy of targeted ads or targeting the trends of phone owners.


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