Google is making it difficult for Android app makers to track users


A recent report revealed that as of May 5, 2021, Google will ask developers to show strong reasons for allowing them to access a list of all applications on a user’s Android phone, and Google said: “The stock of installed apps that were queried from the device is seen as personal user data. And sensitive subject to the Personal and Sensitive Information Policy.

And almost all the applications that you have installed on your Android phone do one thing secretly, which is to make a list of all the applications on your phone, where this list of applications is collected and linked to your user ID along with your phone number, your location, your addresses, etc. Knowing other applications on your phone, developers can track your personal choices and display relevant ads, according to the Indian TOI website.

The reports also claim that an Android user’s “political affiliations” can also be guessed by the type of applications they have on their phones, and now, some applications really need access to all the other applications on your Android phone, for example, you need applications like File Manager, Anti-virus, etc. to access this access to work properly, however, neither the camera nor torchlight application needs such privileges, noting that very few Android users globally are aware of this violation of privacy through applications. Randomness, and this practice has been prevalent for a long time now and Google is finally stepping in to stop it.

According to Google, these applications can only access the application list if the “main function or purpose the user faces requires a broad view of the applications installed on the user’s device”, and with this change, you may expect better privacy on your Android phone, which makes it difficult for Fraudulent developers follow you.


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