Haitham Ahmed Zaki extinguishes his 37th candle with his father and mother on his birthday


Today falls on Sunday, the birthday of the late artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki, as he was born on April 4, 1984 and celebrates him while he is in the other world with his father and mother.

Haitham Ahmed Zaki began his artistic career in 2006 when he completed the remainder of the scenes of Halim’s film after the departure of his father, the hero of the film, Ahmed Zaki, to star the next year in the movie Albalaicho, but he stopped the artistic work for three years before returning in 2010 through the group series, to then participate in Many works between cinema and television, such as the Doran Shubra series, after which he won the Best Young Actor award in Egypt and in 2018 he was one of the heroes of the Kalbash 2 series, and his career ended with the movie Treasure 2, and despite his short artistic career, his memory will remain immortal in everyone’s conscience..

Among his films in which he participated are: “Halim, Albalaicho, Kaf Al Qamar, Qotat Al Dam, Bitter Sugar, Al Kanz, Al Kanz 2”, and the series: “Al Jamaa, Duran Shubra, Al Slafa, The Maine Empire, The Seven Commandments, Professor and Head of Department, Kalbash 2, Allama Interrogative “.

On the morning of Thursday, February 7, 2019, the artistic community woke up to a great shock, which is the death of the young artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki, at the age of 35, following a sharp drop in blood circulation, to join his father, Emperor Ahmed Zaki and his mother, artist Hala Fouad, at a young age. On the scene of his departure, the bloodiest of hearts, as he lived all his life suffering from loneliness and died alone.

Ahmed Zaki and his father
Ahmed Zaki and his father

Haitham Ahmed Zaki
Haitham Ahmed Zaki


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