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In developed and democratic countries, there are penalties applied to racism and bullying, so any extremist or failure thinks a thousand times before declaring this ugly behavior..

For example, we did not hear about a campaign by white French players against their African colleagues, because they represented France instead (at times they were 10 out of 11), and they did not tell them that the World Cup Final, which France won twice, is a major national occasion that should not be Only the white French participate in it, or the French (white) coach’s choice of African Frenchmen to represent the national team did not provoke the rejection of the rest of the players because they know that they are the most talented and most suitable, and that if they harm them, even verbally, they will immediately fall under the penalty of law..

The same thing applies to the celebrations of the French Revolution (July 14), in which French people of all races participate, and the cemetery of the great no longer includes only “white French”, and no one can speak about art or scientific research, as they are professions by definition and nature that transcend borders and cultures, because Advance talent and competence over any other criteria.

The truth is that the campaign led by some limited talent (including those who are called artists) towards a Tunisian-Egyptian artist because she participated in the ceremony of transferring mummies due firstly to their jealousy, because it is more talented and accepting, and secondly, and it is the most dangerous, because they know that bullying and racism against any unvaccinated citizen is available. , And he will not be held accountable.

The truth is that the issue does not concern specific names. Rather, it is a crisis of societies that do not pay any attention to the issue of talent and competence, so they begin to search for “the arguments of the dull.” This is not “Ibn Nass”, and this does not have an argument, and this is my level, this is a young man, and these are six, and this He has grown old, and this is not Egyptian … to other outdated concepts that say that many in this society ignored the value of talent in all fields and fought against it..

It is known that many people bullying people of different race, gender, color and social background is due not only to their prejudice, but also to their failure and “heavy disappointment.”».

It is noteworthy that Egypt is not a developed country, so we say that it is a source of attraction for scientists, doctors and engineers, but rather it is one of the countries that expel them, and it is not an oil-rich country that millions of workers around the world seek to work in in order to improve their incomes, and it has almost nothing but art, which has been since the twenties. An attraction for many of them who lived and died on its land, and no one asked them to choose between Egypt and their country of origin..

With the decline of the influence of Egyptian culture and Egyptian art at the hands of the creative and limited talent, campaigns of bullying began against the few Arab artists who chose to live in Egypt, to which they added a lot as she added to them. It is an issue whose time has come to end, even if by law.

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