Hala Shawkat set off from Egyptian cinema with Omar Sharif … and ended her life in the elderly home


It was her first appearance to the public from a gateEgyptian cinema1959, when the Egyptian director chose itAtef Al-TayebMain heroine in his film “An appointment with the unknownNext to the late Egyptian actorOmar el-shirefAnd the dancerSamia GamalAnd he had seen her photo in a magazine, while attending a social event, and he called itAura ShawkatAt a time when the artistic name was the one that dominated the name of its owner at the end of the matter, and thus her real name Fatima Turkan Shawkat ceased to exist, and she was born on March 18, 1930.
She was known after that in the artistic community, and she began working in the Syrian theater shortly after the mid-fifties, and she knew with certainty that her beauty opened the way for her to fame and stardom, at a time when there were no female cadres in the theatrical and cinematic milieu, when she worked in her first theatrical performances. Sour grapes “drew attention to her talent and pure beauty, which she took from her Turkish roots, even though she was born in Daraa, south of Damascus.

Return to Damascus
Hala Shawkat could not stay in EgyptSyriaHe brought her back to Damascus, but this did not distance her from the Egyptian directors, so in 1960 she presented the movie “My Country, My Love” starringHussein Sidqi, Which talks about the unity between Egypt and Syria.
She did not know Syrian cinema before 1965, when she metDuraid LahhamShe presented with him the movie “Encounter in Palmyra”, followed by “The Millionaire”.
As for the first dramatic presence, it was through the series “”Hammam al-Hana1969, and her name at that time was shining and shining in the artistic milieu that she entered through the widest gates.
Although it did not return to Egypt, Egyptian cinema came to it again, when Syria and Lebanon were chosen as locations for filming a number of films that were nominated for their starring, including joint films, including “Bridge of the Wicked” in 1970, followed by “The Visitor” in 1972.

Hala Shawkat returned to the Egyptian cinema again with the movie “The Wrongers”, in which she shared the championship with the Egyptian show star and poet.Nelly​.
Her films also include “A Date with the Unknown” in 1959, “The Truck Driver” in 1966, “The Funny Thief” in 1970, “The Fox” in 1971, “A Prank in Mexico” in 1972, “My Wife is a Hippie” in 1973 and “Fake Love.” In 1980, “Bint Sharqia” in 1986, and “Driving Taxi” in 1989.
And in the theater, she recorded the most important attendance in 1979, when she shone in the immortal play.You are my homelandAuthored byMuhammad Al-MaghoutAnd directed by Dred Lahham.

TV drama
When the TV drama started to flare up, Shawkat’s Aura was a cornerstone of the series’ first installmentsMirrorsWithYasser Al-AzmaDuring this period, she shifted from the roles of the beauty and the seductress to the roles of the mother. She presented unforgettable characters and models in several works, including “The Groom” in 1975, “The Wings” in 1983, “A Hara That Time Has Forget” in 1988 and “Days of Shamia” in Year 1992 and “Beautiful and Blissful DiaryAnd “Al-Ababid” in 1997, and “Al-Jamal” and “The return of Ghawar“And”the four SeasonsAnd “Hayy al-Mazar” and “Those Days” in 1999 andGood oldThe year 2000, “Flowers in a salty soil” in 2002, “Abu al-Mawhimiyah” and “Spotlight2003 and Ishtar andGood nights2004 and “Breaking the Minds” in 2006.

elderly home
Hala Shawkat used to live in an elegant house in the Mazraa neighborhood in Damascus, but she gave it to her son and moved to the Al-Saada Home for the Elderly, and said in one of her meetings: “The situation has changed as we have grown old and we need care and follow-up of other people, thank God that he blesses us with health and wellness .. My old house resided in my son and I visit it constantly, meaning there is no problem, and it is my choice, and for your information this house is paid and its prices are not cheap, so it is an ideal place to be a home for the elderly who cannot serve themselves, taking into account that there is a health service in the home for twenty-four hours. One hour, praise be to God, I never feel isolated. I have had many friendships, so there are always people I visit and visit me. “
About her children, she said: “I came here with their knowledge, opinion and approval, and there are no problems. I know that people will talk and say a lot, but I see my children and visit me constantly.”
Regarding her last days, before her death on April 28, 2007, the director of the house, Maysa Shaaban, said: “Hala Shawkat is a peaceful person who lives quietly and loves those around her social and she was happy to visit her colleagues and friends from the artists who followed her visit, such as Duraid Lahham, Asaad Faddah, Mona Wassef and Lina Bata It is necessary to draw attention to the office of the President, who paid her for a full year, but she died, and they asked for the amount to be spent on the costs of her death.

Information that you may not know about Hala Shawkat
Some have quoted the late Egyptian actress Faten Hamama as saying: “Hala Shawkat is dangerous for Egyptian cinema.”
She emphasized that Al-Sham is known for the beauty of its daughters everywhere, not only in the field of art.
Before her death she said, “As long as I am alive I will continue to work in art.”


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