Hala Sidqi confirms: Ramez Jalal’s program is a blessing … and she agreed to appear with him on a condition, but he refused.


The Egyptian actress Hala Sedky revealed her opinion about the landfill programs, presented by the Egyptian artist Ramez Jalal.

Hala Sidqi said, while hosting the “Sheikh Al Hara” program, presented by director Inas El-Deghidi: “I blame the programs of Ramez Jalal in the first part of the episode; Because the guest is presented sarcastically in his episodes.

She revealed that she had agreed to appear on the Ramez program in previous seasons, on condition that she watched the episode after montage, but they refused.

She confirmed that the Ramez Jalal program is a blessing, adding: “The one who bugs me is his insult to the guests, and the reason for the audience’s enjoyment while they watch the artists’ names is that the viewer likes to see the artist encounter these situations and he is comfortable psychologically, but he sees the artist doing it.”

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian artist Ramez Jalal presents this year a makab program bearing the name “Ramez Aqloula Tara”, and the artist Ahmed Saad was a guest on the first episodes of the program.

The mold takes place inside one of the amusement parks in Riyadh, where the guest comes to shoot a program presented by one of the announcers, and during which he tries one of the theme park games, and the “game” settles at a very high altitude with the guest, where the guest is present. In the air, then it is thrown from the top to fall into a large swimming pool, then Ramez appears and reveals the mold to him.


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