Halabiya comments on the confrontation of Al-Masry and Al-Ahly: The arbitration favored the sons of the Red Castle


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Adnan Halabia, a member of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Club Al-Port Said, said that his team suffered from a great misfortune in the face of Al-Ahly club.
Halabiya said in radio statements: We do not know what is called this in football, as we dominated the match completely in the first and second half, and we wasted many easy opportunities and in the end the team lost out from the match.

He added: “I laughed when I saw Maher’s formation before the meeting, as I saw the need for Ahmed Masoud to participate at Dadour’s account in the goalkeeping center, and the technical director should have had a balance in the basic formation and the bench, not pushing the most important elements only in the basic formation and leaving the bench without any Elements that make the difference ».

Halabiya talked about the arbitration, saying: “There was courtesy to Al-Ahly in the first goal, where there was a handball on Mohamed Sharif, but the referee overlooked that, and the second goal of Al-Ahly also if it was Al-Masry who scored it would have been considered offside.”

He continued: “Rifaat caused a great confusion for South Africas Pitso Musimane, as he decided to pay 3 players in order to stop his danger, as 3 players participated in the right front over the course of the match in order to cover him, namely Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, Akram Tawfiq and Mohamed Hani.”

He continued: “Omar Kamal Abdel Wahed also deserves to be in the ranks of the Egypt national team, as he is a distinguished player and has good technical capabilities.”

He concluded: “We offer these levels, despite the sale of Mahmoud Wadi to the Pyramids ranks at the beginning of the season, as the player preferred to leave because of the great financial reward that he would have received.”


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