“Handing over to my family” … the police arrest the former Inter player


Police forces in Medellin, Colombia, arrested the player Freddy Guaren after receiving a report from his family, after a bloody fight broke out between them.

Colombian and Italian media published the details of the incident that ultimately led to the arrest of the Italian former Inter Milan and Porto player.

According to Colombian police reports, Freddy was so drunk that he started a quarrel at his home and ended up dealing blows at his parents.

Immediately Freddie’s family called the police to help them from the player who had blood stains on his pants and shirt as soon as the police raided the house and forced him to go out with them.

The police found injuries among Freddie’s family members upon their arrival, to accompany the player with them, before undergoing investigations to decide on his matter later.

Freddy also underwent treatment in a medical center for his presence after bloody injuries to his body, but his aggressive behavior against the medical staff and the police continued.

Freddy (34 years) ended his relationship with Colombian club Melonarius, after a long journey during which he passed the Argentinian Boca Clubs, Saint Etienne, France, Inter Milan, Italian, Porto, and Vasco de Gama, Brazil.


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