Hani Adel and Daman Bou Abboud get married in romantic rituals on the sea, madam


Artist topped Hani Adel The list of the most searched on social media, after a video clip from his wedding was shared with the Lebanese actress Diaman Bou Abboud Which was held amid romantic rituals closer to Hollywood movies, and Hani addressed a touching word to the bride that included marriage vows, which is an unusual method in Egypt.

Diaman Bou Abboud
The wedding of Diaman Bou Abboud and Hani Adel (Image via Twitter)

Hani Adel caught the attention after ignoring all the norms related to marriage in Egypt, where he wore casual clothes and placed a memorial for vows in front of the sea, while the bride wore a simple white dress without a veil, and Hani sent a message to the bride in which he said: I will try to be a better person because I am with you, with your love From my heart, and with the hope of our Lord that I will make you happy.

He added: By your promise, I am trying as long as I can, as long as you fly above me, and I am trying to lighter and fly with you.

It is noteworthy that Hani Adel first married a French woman and gave birth to her, and then he married the star Hala Shiha, but the divorce occurred before the wedding after discovering a solution that he returned his French wife to his infirmity, and his private life remained obscure throughout the past years, and the details of his relationship with the Lebanese star were completely hidden. .

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