Hazem Imam to the “Football Association”: Why is an Egyptian referee for the summit?


Hazem Imam, the former star of Zamalek and the Egyptian national team, sent a message to FIFA officials to reconsider the decision to appoint an Egyptian referee to manage the summit match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek. “They have enormous experiences and they desire the public interest, but the decision to assign the summit to Egyptian rule is an incorrect decision that must be reviewed again.”

Hazem Imam added: “I don’t know why the Football Association is about brain pain and crises. We believe that things are guiding between the two clubs, and any mistake made by the Egyptian government, whether for the red or the white, will not be forgotten for many months, so why is there no cabinet decision with a foreign ruling.”

The little fox continued: “If someone says because of Corona, we say flying between us and the Emirates is working between us and them with many flights daily, send them an Emirati arbitration team, if you say so because the mouse will make the task easier for the Egyptian referee, we will tell you in many matches in which there were errors in the presence of the mouse.”

And Hazem Imam continued: “Oh Lord, Al-Ahly and Zamalek, they will qualify for the quarter-finals and enter the match without crises, but in my opinion, there is no Egyptian referee, so that we can relax from the pain of the brain. The foreigner knows that it is possible to make a mistake, but we will talk about it on the day of the match and the story is concluded.”

Wajih Ahmed confirmed Chairman of the Referees Committee of the Football Association There is no intention to postpone the upcoming summit match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, scheduled to be held on April 18, in the fourth and postponed round of the general league competition. In the league and with Egyptian referees, we informed the clubs 10 days before the meeting, and we did not send a request for foreign referees from any European country. The referees committee is fully convinced that the Egyptian referee is able to manage the summit match.

He added: What spoils the match is scoring a goal from an offside or an incorrect penalty kick or a dismissal case, these are the most important controversial cases and the fugitive will solve them and there will be two crews nominated for the first and second top matches, and we will announce the crews 48 hours before the match after the referees undergo the swabs, and the candidates for the match We will exclude them from any upcoming match with Al-Ahly or Zamalek.

He continued: The Egyptian ruling throughout its arbitration of Al-Ahly and Zamalek is being criticized, but the Egyptian ruling is a fair and honorable ruling, and if there is no official behind you in Jabaliya who is able to support you, it is impossible for you to make this decision.


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