He chose a strange profession for himself .. Prince William astonishes the royal palace workers


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Britain’s Prince William, the eldest son of the heir to the British heir, Prince Charles, has raised exclamations and questions that stop clearly in front of the lifestyle he chose for himself.

Prince William, shortly after his marriage, pinned hope on his career at the Est Anglian company, which specializes in flying ambulance. Despite the support of his father Charles and his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, others had a different opinion.

However, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, was determined to live his life as he pleased before devoting himself to the throne and assuming the role of the king, according to the report of the British newspaper The Mirror Today, which indicated that, unlike his father, he spent years preparing the future wife for her role as a royal wife, as he designed To work in a profession of his choosing away from official duties.

The report quoted an informed source as saying that the path that the prince chose for himself raises astonishment and admiration for some among the royal palace employees, and others in the team expressed his lack of belief that this profession is well suited to the future king.

The report indicated that William joined the Royal Military Sandhurst Academy and became an officer in 2007, following his graduation from the University of St Andrews in Scotland.

And he added that he decided to focus his military career on aviation and began training as a pilot in search and rescue operations in 2009, where he expressed on many occasions his happiness to participate in a humanitarian work on which the lives of some people may depend.

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