“He claimed blindness and asked for her help for him.” The family of the little girl “Rimas” tells Tva


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Wednesday 07 April 2021

Dakahlia – Rami Mahmoud:

With a cry mixed with tears, the cries of the family of the 8-year-old child, Rimas Mohamed Abdel-Razek, who was killed by a blacksmith in Dikirnis, Dakahlia Governorate, after he lured her to his residence during her return from buying bread yesterday morning, and he tried to assault her sexually, and when he failed, he stabbed her three times, which resulted in her failure. Her life and threw her body in his home staircase.

“Masrawy” moved to the house of the victim’s family, whose cries rose to the separation of their son, demanding that the maximum punishment be imposed on the accused and retribution for the victim.

Inside a small alley in Manshiyat El-Sayed Mahmoud, the girl’s grandmother sat amongst the women of the girl’s common people receiving condolences. However, a little girl named “Rudy” holds a “Chipsy” bag, searching among the audience’s eyes for her missing sister.

With the screams, Hamdiya Al-Sayyid Abu Al-Maati, the grandmother of the child to her father, began to narrate the last scenes of seeing her granddaughter with tears in her eyes, saying: “I saw her at 8 in the morning and she said to me, I was going to take bread, and she took a pound from me and the bakery went, but she was absent, and I told Muhammad my son your daughter was absent And her father went to her, and they told him that she took bread and walked, but the criminal took her while she was returning to his apartment.

Nehme Mahmoud Abdel-Razek, the girl’s aunt, picked up the conversation, saying: “The criminal knew her name and her watcher, and he worked that he was visually impaired and wore freshness and asked her to bring it to the house, and his house is close to the bakery, and when she reached the house he asked her to take him to the apartment.”

As for Fawqia Abdel-Razek, the girl’s aunt and witness of the incident, she explained, “When Rimas was absent from us, we started calling in the mosques and a little girl came and said I knew who took her, and she went up on the stairs and knocked on his door and he appeared to us with“ T-shirt and shorts ”and he was watching the TV, and when we asked him he said I did not know, and when we got out on the third floor, we found our daughter who was thrown and killed by her demolition, with a knife stab and bruises and abrasions on her face. We left her until the police arrived. ”

His uncle, the child, demanded a fair retribution from the accused and the imposition of the maximum punishment on him, for the crime he committed that shook public opinion – she said.

The Prosecutor of Dekernes Center in Dakahlia Governorate, under the supervision of Counselor Hussam Maouz, the first public attorney for the Public Prosecutions of North Mansoura College, issued today a decision to imprison the accused for 4 days pending investigations, with a request to receive the report of the criminal evidence and the anatomical nature and investigations of the investigations about the incident, its circumstances and its circumstances.

The preliminary report of the forensic examination of the girl’s body revealed that there were no manifestations of sexual abuse, with scratches in separate parts of the body and stabs paid in separate parts, as a result of the accused trying to get rid of the child for fear of being exposed after he had lured her to the ladder of a property and attempted to sexually assault her.

The accused made a detailed confession before the prosecution for his commission of the incident, saying: “He saw the victim walking in the street at full time nine in the morning, but he called her and asked her to accompany him to buy some sweets so that he lured them to his apartment.”

He added that as soon as he entered the apartment, he tried to touch sensitive parts of her body, but she discovered his matter and was alerted to his action, so she resisted, and tried to attract her again, but she started screaming, so he stabbed her three times in separate parts of the body until she drowned in her blood and that blood touched his clothes, so he hid them in peace and thinking about A way to get rid of the body, but the incident was discovered before it was executed.

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